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The Premium Vertical Panel Saw

Striebig Control vertical panel saw
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Striebig Control Vertical Panel Saw

Striebig CONTROL machines have always been in a class of their own – the ultimate in automated vertical sawing technology. However, to maintain this competitive edge, Striebig have developed the CONTROL into a vertical cutting center featuring a higher degree of automation.  The CONTROL sets itself apart from rival woodworking machines with its functionality and user-friendly ergonomics for secure and risk-free operation.

In particular, the unique "touch & saw" machine operation, activated via the innovative programmable control system with its touch screen panel, raises the efficiency of the CONTROL to new and unrivalled levels.  In addition to the very high level of standard specification a wide range of options is available, including a scoring saw, to allow Striebig to tailor a machine to your exact requirements.

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Control panel.

Scoring saw

Technical Specification

Technical Specification


"Touch & Saw" – this revolutionary concept permits safe and trouble free saw operation. Touch the panel with your finger tip to operate the CONTROL. The 7.5” color display with touch controls visualizes all functions

  • Multilingual user interface
  • Error detection with self-explanatory symbols to guide the user through the menu
  • Only the functions which can be performed by the saw are displayed
  • Operating errors are reduced to the greatest possible extent
  • Externally produced cutting lists can be easily entered via the USB port.


Saw Frame

  • Precision machine parts of the machine manufactured to an accuracy of 1/100mm
  • Massive, self-supporting, all welded, torsion-free saw frame
  • Full-surface support wall of birch plywood with integral small parts support
  • Auxiliary stop profile with measuring tape and 3 auxiliary stops for repeat cuts
  • Automatic recognition of the central support
  • Automatic roller locking during the saw cut


Saw Beam and Saw Head

  • Durable steel beam construction
  • Smooth-running guides free of play
  • Automated operation for enhanced user-friendliness
  • High cutting precision thanks to sturdy motor carriage mounting
  • Powerful, high-torque 5.5 kW motor (7.5 hp)
  • Electromagnetic motor brake

Standard Equipment

  • DMS digital measuring system (both axes)
  • Automatic saw beam locking with cutting point identification
  • Laser-assisted indication of the horizontal cut
  • Automatic locking and swiveling of the saw unit
  • Automatic plunge and withdrawal operation of the saw unit
  • Automatic fine calibration of the saw motor
  • Fully-automatic sawing process
  • Selectable sawing cycle
  • Automatic panel end recognition
  • Pneumatic coupling for easy change over to manual operation
  • Operating-hour meter
  • TRK extraction system
  • Aluminium central support over the full length of the machine
  • Super silent sound insulation


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