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The Universal Class of Panel Saw

Striebig Standard vertical panel saw
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Striebig Standard Vertical Panel Saw

Tried-and-tested over decades, it can almost be considered the VW Beetle of the vertical panel saw sector: the Striebig STANDARD. It just keeps on going and going, in countless companies. Day after day, metre after metre, it saws a wide variety of panel materials: utmost precision and precise, accurate cuts with perfect edges every time.

The Striebig STANDARD has been setting the standard in the universal class for vertical saws for many years. Its flexibility and universal expansion options make it the ideal panel saw for companies of all sizes.


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Striebig Standard vertical panel saw Striebig Standard digital measuring system Striebig Standard electronic positioning guide

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Digital measuring system.

With Electronic Positioning System.

Technical Specification

The saw frame

  • Rigid, self-supporting, heavily braced, welded saw frame with toughened guides

  • Absolute parallelism of guide rail, central support and roller support

  • TRK2 Automatically yielding aluminium support frame with plastic supports

  • TRK1 Laminar support wall made of birch plywood

  • Integral extraction system TRK, dust limit value considerably below 1mg/m3

  • Aluminium small workpiece support (1 pair) can be used individually

  • 17 roller supports with 3 brake pedals

  • 5.15m long, split central support at ideal working height with adjustable aluminium frames

Saw beam

  • Stable, durable saw beam design

  • Perfect angular accuracy due to twin interlocking of the saw beam

  • Built-in strip cutting gauge for repeat cuts

  • Fixed dimension setting for recurring dimensions

Motor carriage, saw unit

  • Robust bearing of the motor carriage ensures high cutting precision

  • Compact vibration-free saw unit

  • Simple operation thanks to fully balanced unit

  • Powerful, high-torque 5.5 kW motor (7.5 hp)

  • Tungsten-carbide circular saw blade 300/30 mm

  • SUPERSILENT system for insulating motor noise

  • Electromagnetic motor brake


  • Star-delta control system

Design, ergonomics

  • Functional, ergonomic design

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