Viet slashes sanding time at door makers

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A Viet wide belt sander has boosted efficiency at an Oxfordshire door manufacturer. Shaker Doors, a family-owned business employing 12 staff, specialises in the manufacture of high-end bespoke ‘Shaker Style’ kitchen cabinet doors as well as internal and external doors. The ‘description ‘Shaker Style’ refers to a frame and panel door with a flat centre panel and generally square edges without any profiling, giving a simple straight and clean look.

Shaker Doors’ customer base is split equally between trade and domestic customers. An important part of its domestic revenue stream is the production of replacement IKEA kitchen and wardrobe doors, or made-to-measure doors for consumers who have purchased IKEA carcasses. A fitting service within a 50 miles radius of Oxford is available.

The quality doors are produced using MDF and a wide variety of hardwoods such as tulip, oak and walnut.

Viet S1 wide belt sander

The Viet S1 wide belt sander at Shaker Doors has cur sanding time considerably

Before buying the Viet the joinery company was equipped with two sanders, an entry-level 900mm wide belt model and a 1300mm wide brush sander.

Managing director Oliver Bryan said: “Unfortunately the wide belt sander wasn’t really satisfactory. After the doors had passed through it they had to be sent to the bench for sanding with an orbital sander before being put through the brush sander. They were then oiled or sprayed in our spray shop.”

Viet Sander improves efficiency

As part of a drive to improve efficiency Mr Bryan decided to buy a wide belt sander that would take away the need for the additional bench work.

He carried out some initial research on three sander manufacturers before deciding to take a closer look at the Viet, whose artisan models are supplied by T.M. Machinery of Leicester.

“I went along for a demo at T.M’s showroom and told them exactly what I needed the sander to do,” he said. “I was impressed with the quality of the finish produced by the Viet as well as the build of the sanders. I then spoke to an impartial service engineer who works in the woodworking industry and he said I couldn’t go far wrong with a Viet.”

The Viet S1 model he has bought is a popular 1350mm twin-head wide belt sander that offers a winning combination of high precision, versatility and a tough build quality to give it a long working life. It’s the ideal sander for use where high levels of throughput are required at an affordable cost.

Featuring a thick anti-wear steel work bed that guarantees precision for any job, it has a wide range of sanding units allowing customisation to suit a range of applications. There’s a choice of push button or touch screen controls with automatic positioning for thickness setting, while adjustable pressure rollers guarantee the stability of items placed on the work bed.

“Having the Viet has meant we have become far more efficient in our joinery workshop,” said Mr Bryan. “The quality of the machine’s calibrating and fine sanding means that doors can now go straight to the brush sander without the need for any additional bench work.

“When I bought it I calculated it might save us between 15 and 20 per cent of the time it used to take to prepare doors for the brush sander, and this is exactly what we are achieving with it. As well as saving on time and labour it has also substantially reduced the amount of product handling required.”

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