Brushing Options

Viet has brushing solutions for every situation

So as to provide users with the fullest possible range of options for surface finishing, all Viet wide belt sanders can be fitted with a number of different brushing options to deliver exactly the finish required. These brushing options can be used on machines with both 240mm and 310mm diameter sanding drums.

Viet sander


  • Wide range of brush types available
  • Units can be combined to suit individual applications
  • Brushing increases the range of finishes available
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Brushed Finish Unit

The brush roller unit with a range of filament options, including Tynex, allows the natural fibre of the wood to be brought out.


This is essential if a satin finish is required

Panel Cleaning Brush

Available with different material bristles to ensure excellent cleaning of the finished panel.

L Brush

This oscillating longitudinal brush unit is fitted with abrasive strips to allow a rustic finish to be applied evenly across a panel.

Spin Brush

The oscillating spin brushes are ideal for producing either a uniform soft finish or removing sharp edges from panels, frames and shaped pieces. A range of inserts is also available to produce the required finish.

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An upgrade to the Spin Brush, the Ru-Spin allows a structured rustic finish to be achieved, even on panel or frames with varying grain orientation.

W Unit

This allows lateral surfaces and side profiles to be uniformly adjusted to a high standard as part of the sanding process. Fully adjustable height, width and angle settings allow the unit to handle a huge range of profiles.