Striebig Standard S

Improving on the world’s best selling vertical panel saw

The STRIEBIG STANDARD is the world’s bestselling vertical panel saw. The new STANDARD S builds on that success, retaining proven features and integrating new elements. With the STANDARD S, Striebig are adding a new dimension to the world of manually operated vertical panel saws. Two versions, an optional Comfort package that includes all the most in demand extra features and more than 20 additional options and accessories raise the STANDARD S to a different level.

Key features

  • Powerful, high-torque 5.5kW motor with 300mm blade and 80mm cutting depth
  • Nine standard frame sizes available to suit most materials, as well as special sizes fort larger panels
  • Scoring saw unit available
  • Strip cutting gauge for problem-free strip cutting
  • Choose from two frame types and a huge range of options to build a saw to meet your need
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The Saw Beam – Guarantees angular accuracy and robustness

The saw beam’s steel construction is particularly stable and durable. Its twin locking feature provides perfect angular accuracy. It ensures that the cutting precision of the STANDARD S is retained for many, many saw cuts. The standard strip cutting gauge facilitates repeat cutting.

The Saw Unit – Robust mounting, powerful drive

The saw motor is high-performance and powerful, 5.5 kW (7.5 hp). The guides have zero-play and are free-moving. In conjunction with the robust mounting of the motor carriage, this ensures effort-free and precise operation. The saw has an 80mm cutting depth as standard.

The Saw Frame – Strong and stable

Self-supporting, welded and rigid, the saw frame is the heart of every Striebig panel saw. The upper guide rail, central support and roller support are 100% parallel to each other. This ensures long-term cutting precision and an excellent degree of protection for your investment.