Viet Opera

Cutting-edge technology for customized calibrating and sanding

Responding to changing customer needs, the Viet Opera high-tech wide belt sander delivers the ultimate technological solution to today’s demands for faster and more complex processing needs. Opera machines can be fully customized depending on individual customer requirements and deliver a constant high finish product quality coupled with outstanding productivity.

Viet Opera Sander

Some key features

  • IPC control system via an 8 inch or 15 inch touch screen monitor for easy management of all machine operations
  • Tablet supported remote control
  • A comprehensive range of sanding units deliver a panel finish quality that is vastly superior to the market standard
  • The sectioned electronic pad allows extremely accurate, high-quality sanding operations
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Opera 5: the ideal sander for small and medium-sized companies

The Viet Opera 5 is a complete finishing centre designed to satisfy the needs of small and medium-sized business who need both versatility and the very latest in sanding technology. Enabling users to perform complex processing applications, it achieves best-in-class performance at a modest investment.
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Opera 7: delivering high productivity

The Viet Opera 7 is aimed at larger businesses which need to calibrate and sand work of varying types and sizes. It enables all processing operations to be performed using a high-productivity automatic system which guarantees top performance quality at all times.
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