Viet S1

For accurate calibrating and fine sanding

Viet’s popular S1 modular twin-head wide belt sander offers a winning combination of high precision, versatility and a tough build quality. Its two sanding heads make it the perfect choice for both calibrating and fine sanding. Robustly built to give a long working life, the S1 is the ideal sander for use where high levels of throughput are required at an affordable cost.

Viet sander

Some key features

  • A thick anti-wear steel work bed guarantees precision for any job
  • Wide range of sanding units available, allowing customisation to suit a range of applications
  • Push button or touch screen controls with automatic positioning for thickness setting
  • Adjustable pressure rollers guarantee stability of items placed on the work bed
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Flexibility to meet your needs

The Viet S1 is a heavy duty twin-head sander whose modular design offers a large choice of sanding and finishing elements to suit specific requirements. The option to add inverter control of the abrasive belt and conveyor belt speeds delivers maximum flexibility from such a compact machine. Touch screen controls are also available for operator ease and speed of use.

Case Study - Shaker Doors Limited

A Viet wide belt sander has boosted efficiency at an Oxfordshire door manufacturer. Shaker Doors, a family-owned business employing 12 staff, specialises in the manufacture of high-end bespoke ‘Shaker Style’ kitchen cabinet doors as well as internal and external doors. The ‘description ‘Shaker Style’ refers to a frame and panel door with a flat centre panel and generally square edges without any profiling, giving a simple straight and clean look.

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