al-ko extraction systems

AL-KO of Germany are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of extraction technology, providing filtration systems, dust extractors, and a wide range of extraction solutions suitable for almost any application. Their high-quality extraction systems utilise the innovative AL-KO OPTI JET® technology to remove dust and swarf from your workstations and valuable machinery. With minimal downtime, predictable maintenance intervals, and low noise and energy consumption which reduces costs, these systems offer efficient and reliable performance.

Compact, quiet and powerful, the AL-KO Power Unit® 100 and 120 are easy to move around your workshop and feature an integrated cyclone separator and efficient filter cleaning for extended filter life.
Powerful, quiet and compact dust extraction systems with air flows up to 3,000 m3/h, the AL-KO Power Unit® 160 and 200 units are suitable for single or multiple machines with a large range of control options.
The largest AL-KO Power Unit® models are designed for installation inside your workshop to maximise energy efficiency through the return of clean, warm air.
This mobile dust extraction unit ensures clean air in metalworking as well as in the plastics, food and chemical industries.
High performance welding fume extraction for single or multiple welding stations with options for high-alloy steels.
Stationary extraction systems ideal for outdoor installations. Hugely customisable with air flows between 2,300 and 22,000 m3/h and a huge range of options.
High pressure vacuums for workshop cleaning or continuous operation with individual machines and multiple hand tool stations.
Options for efficient alternatives to collecting and disposing of waste materials.
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