Panhans Spindle Moulders

spindle moulders

Reliable and Precise

Precise work at the highest level is required for the production of a wide variety of parts. Components have to be manufactured with an exact fit and later brought together. This precision work requires not only specific tools, but also a reliable machine with a pleasant and advantageous operating concept. Spindle moulders from Panhans have such a well thought-out operating concept for precise work. In addition to effective, economical and safe working, the tilting spindle moulder also provide a special customer benefit: The storage of various tools and programs.

Focus on quality

Manual adjustment wheels and analogue displays have been combined with highquality materials, careful manufacturing and maximum functionality. The modern and robust steel construction of the machine stand ensures perfect and safe working.

Digital versions also available with touchscreen control and tool program memory. The touchscreen unit shows tools and programs, as well as height, angle, speed and milling fence information.

The 245|200 series milling machines enable more effective, more economical and, above all, safer working. All the functional elements required for working are optimally placed, safely accessible and ergonomically arranged.

Safety at highest level

A personalised chip allows only authorised persons to start the machine.

All functional elements required for working are optimally placed, safely accessible and ergonomically arranged.

When machining very large workpieces, it is possible to swing all unnecessary elements behind the machine until only the milling spindle protrudes from the table.

In this case, the operating element can be hung on the front of the extendable frame support and thus remains easily accessible at all times.

Some Key Features

  • Safety at the highest level
  • Comfortable operation
  • Milling tool quick clamping device
  • Milling stop 325


Technical Information

Motor power5,5 kW / 7,5 HP5,5 kW / 7,5 HP7,5 kW / 10 HP7,5 kW / 10 HP
Voltage400 V / 50 Hz400 V / 50 Hz400 V / 50 Hz400 V / 50 Hz
Table size1100 x 760 mm1100 x 760 mm1100 x 760 mm1100 x 760 mm
Table height870 mm870 mm870 mm870 mm
Clamping height140 mm140 mm140 mm140 mm
Height adjustment125 mm125 mm125 mm125 mm
Dimension1145 x 1180 mm1145 x 1328 mm1145 x 1380 mm1145 x 1380 mm

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