AL-KO Power Unit 250-350+

alko power unit

Delivering Clean Air In The Workshop

The largest of the AL-KO Power Unit® range, the 250, 300, 350 and 350+ are ideally suited to a heavy workload. Offering long filter life and powerful but compact units for maximum air flows between 3,500 and 10,000 m3/h, they can be partnered with single or multiple machines.

With a large range of control and waste disposal options, including energy saving frequency-controlled motors, briquette presses, automatic start and shut-off gates, the AL-KO Power Unit 250 – 350+ can be tailored to meet you exact requirements.

Plus, the antistatic polyester needle felt class M filters are kept at maximum efficiency by the AL-KO OPTI-JET® reverse air jet filter cleaning system. The large integral air surge tank ensures maximum filter cleaning with a low demand on your compressed air supply.

Like all the AL-KO power unit range, the 250, 300, 350 and 350+ have been fully tested and boast both the GS and H3 marks and are ATEX-certified for use inside the workshop.

High Efficiency AL-KO Power Unit

In this AL-KO Power Unit industrial extraction system, the impeller fan is located behind the filter. Extracted air with its dust and chippings is taken through the filter and cleaned before it passes the fan.

As the fan only comes into contact with clean air, it can be designed as a high-performance impeller. The fan casing can then operate with very small air slots which, in conjunction with the closed impeller, help the pure-air system to achieve a far higher efficiency than a raw-air system.

Service And Maintenance

In addition to the wide range of dust extraction units that we supply, we also have a large team of engineers providing repair and maintenance services for a wide range of our machinery.

We can source parts and provide technical assistance so please contact our Service Team if you require more information or support.

Some Key Features

  • Modern design and small foot print
  • Exceptionally low noise levels
  • High extraction performance with residual dust content 0.1 mg/m3
  • 100% air recirculation without loss of temperature
  • Integrated pre-separation chamber
  • Available with a range of automatic control and waste disposal options

Technical Information

Device typePower Unit 100Power Unit 120Power Unit 140Power Unit 160Power Unit 200Power Unit 250Power Unit 300Power Unit 350Power Unit 350+
Suction nozzle Ø in mm100120140160200250300350355
Max. airflow in m3/h7901,1401,6002,0003,0104,9006,0008,50010,000
Max. vacuum in Pa.2,6002,9002,7002,8002,9003,5003,9003,8004,200
Motor rating in kW1.
Filter area m24.
Sound pressure level dB(A)697170707271717173
Dimensions (L x W x H) in mm1,178 x 650 x 1,9731,178 x 650 x 1,9731,1801 x 830 x 2,0501,800 x 830 x 2,0502,296 x 830 x 2,0502,351 x 1,058 x 2,3613,000 x 1,058 x 2,3613,129 x 1,058 x 2,3613,130 x 1,058 x 2,361

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