Casolin Sliding Table Saw Astra SE 400/300

casolin sliding table saws

Woodworking Circular Casolin Sliding Table Saws

The Casolin circular saw Astra SE 400/300 for woodworking. With a tilting blade group 0-45°. Manual movements of saw blade (tilting and lifting). Carriage with rollers, anodised aluminum, width 360 mm.


With display for blade inclination located on the front side of the machine. Mechanism mounted on ball bearings for easier movement.

Blade protection

With metal frame and transparent surface in shockproof material, ergonomically shaped, very tight and compact to work better. Possibility of total exclusion from the work plane.

Telescopic measuring fence

With lever fastening, can be quicky assembled or dismantled from the cross slide.

Service and Maintenance

In addition to the wide range of sliding table saws that we supply, we also have a large team of engineers providing repair and maintenance services for a wide range of our woodworking machinery.

We can source spare parts and provide technical assistance so please contact our service team if you require more information or support.

Main Advantages

  • Excellent slidability
  • Maintanance free, sliding guides no longer required frequent cleaning
  • Wide anodised top surface
  • Practical control to lock the carriage in the cutting position and to load large panels

Technical Information

Carriage length1900-2350-2600-3200-3800 mm.
Carriage width360 mm.
Main Blade diam.300-400 mm.
Main shaft diam.30 mm.
N.1 fixed speed4000 r/min
Height of cut133 mm. with blade diam.400 mm.
Standard motor main sawKw 4 ( Hp 5,5 )
Optional Kw5,5-7,5

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