AL-KO Clean Unit D

mobile dust extraction unit

Pure Air Mobile Dust Extraction Unit

The clean air dust extractors of the AL-KO Clean Unit D series are the right choice for all industrial processes where dusts and coarse particles are released. With their powerful fans and highly effective filter cartridges, the mobile extraction units ensure clean air in metalworking as well as in the plastics, food and chemical industries. The AL-KO Clean Unit DEx series is specially designed for extraction and filtration of dust and swarf especially from aluminum during mechanical processing.

Operating Principles

Dust and coarse particles are extracted directly at the machine or by means of capturing hoods and transported via a suction line to the nozzle of the AL-KO Clean Unit D.

Here, coarse particles are filtered out in a large pre-separator chamber. The following filter cartridges of dust class “M” filter out the remaining fine dust. During operation, the filter cleaning system, which is controlled by differential pressure, removes particles from the filter cartridges.

Venturi tubes on the filter cartridges increase the cleaning effect while ensuring steady suction force and long filter life. The filtered out dust is collected in an easily movable container lined with a collection bag for low-dust disposal. The filtered air returns to the room at the top of the unit.

The AL-KO Clean Unit DEx series is specially designed for extraction and filtration of dust and swarf especially from aluminum during mechanical processing. The units of this series therefore enable extraction of aluminum dust and swarf as well as other explosive dusts in dry processes in compliance with defined parameters.


  • Direct extraction of dust and swarf
  • For single or multi-station extraction
  • For connection to machines, extraction tables, booths and pipelines
  • For metal machining and plastics processing, as well as numerous other industries
  • For grinding, polishing, filling processes, and many others

Some Key Features

  • An efficient fan and cleanable long-life filters ensure high suction capacity
  • Suitable for numerous applications
  • Extremely quiet due to highly effective sound insulation
  • IE3 motors for high energy efficiency
  • Plug-and-play

Technical Information

Device TypeFLEX UNIT D 26-2.2FLEX UNIT D 31-3FLEX UNIT D 52-7.5FLEX UNIT D 62-7.5
Suction nozzle ø in mm160200250300
Airflow in m³/h2,2003,2005,0006,000
Vacuum in Pa.2,8003,2003,8004,000
Motor rating in kW2.237.57.5
Filter area in m²2631.25262.4
Sound pressure level dB(A)70727272
Dimensions W x D x H in mm1,660 x 1,106 x 2,0751,650 x 1,106 x 2,0751,910 x 1,106 x 2,0751,915 x 1,106 x 2,075

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