Striebig Compact

striebig compact

Move Up To Quality And Precision Sawing Machines

This is the entry-level series that lets small and medium sized businesses move into the space-saving world of precision and quality vertical panel sawing that Striebig is world-renowned for. So whether you are buying your first panel sizing machine or require additional cutting capacity, the Striebig Compact series delivers flexibility and economy.

Striebig Compact Sawing Machine Sizes

The Striebig Compact sawing machines come in nine different sizes to suit all panel types, however big or small. Cutting ranges are from 3100 x 1644mm up to 5350 x 2200mm. The Striebig Compact combines exceptional ease of use and a high-quality visual appearance with unmatched versatility.

Striebig Compact Accessories

The basic Striebig Compact comes comprehensively equipped for use in any workshop and a range of original Striebig accessories, including a pre-scoring unit and digital readouts, further extends the performance of the machine and its adaptability to the individual requirements of your business.

Comprehensive standard equipment

  • Solid, self-supporting, welded, rigid saw frame
  • Sturdy, durable saw beam steel construction
  • Robust bearing of the motor carriage ensures high cutting precision
  • Strong, low-vibration 3.9 kW motor (5.3 HP)
  • TRK dust extraction
  • Automatically yielding aluminium slatted frame with plastic supports
  • Device for wall mounting
  • Up to 17 support rollers on ball bearings
  • Up to 5.50 m long, divided central support at optimum working height, with aluminium grids
  • Up to 5.65 m long, integrated small workpiece support made of wood
  • Super-silent noise insulation to reduce saw blade noise
  • Electromagnetic motor brake

Some Key Features

  • Rigid, self-supporting, heavily braced, welded saw frame
  • Full length central supports with integral small piece supports
  • Simple action with fully balanced unit and powerful 3.9kW motor
  • Highly efficient integral dust extraction system with dust limit value below 1mg/m3

Technical Information

Weight of the sawapprox. 910 kg
Cutting depth60 mm
Saw motor power3.9 kW (5.3 HP)
Saw blade diameter250 mm
Saw blade bore30 mm *1
Emission sound pressure level at the workplace LpA82 dB *2
Saw blade speed5250 rpm
2 extraction connectionsø 100 mm
Wattage5.9 kW
Mains connection3 x 400 V / 50 Hz

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