Casolin Thicknesser TS 810-630

casolin thicknesser

Casolin Thicknesser Planer

This modern machine is safe and easy to use with touch-screen supplied as standard to manage all work functions. Exceptional driving performance of work pieces, thanks to the rubber rollers with large diameter and the suspension of the rollers with torsion bars.

Precision Planing

Perfect finish and precision of planed surfaces resulting from the heavy structure of the plane unit and the smooth ribbed worktop to help the wood slide straight.

Exceptional driving performance of workpieces, thanks to the rubber rollers with large diameter and the suspension of the rollers with torsion bars.

High maximum thickness of extraction: 12 mm.

Automatic reduction of the feed rate of the workpiece, if the planer shaft motor exceeds the maximum available power. Machine with compact size to save space in the joinery workshop

Service and Maintenance

In addition to the wide range of planers that we supply, we also have a large team of engineers providing repair and maintenance services for a wide range of our woodworking machinery.

We can source spare parts and provide technical assistance so please contact our service team if you require more information or support.

Key Features

  • 5″ colour touch screen
  • Positioning of the automatic worktop with touch or manual controls
  • Automatic return to the initial position
  • Diagnostics of the machine directly on the touch screen
  • Thicknesser of work from 3 to 300 mm

Technical Information

Working width630 mm (TS630) or 530 mm (TS530)
Working thicknessfrom 3 to 300 mm
Maximum extraction thickness12 mm
Minimum workpiece length285 mm
Length of worktop1060 mm
Revolutions of planer shaft rotation5000 rev/min
Plane motor shaft5.5 KW (TS 630) – 4 KW (TS 530)
Feed ratevariable from 4 to 25 MT/minute with inverter
Measurement dimensions1260 mm x 1060 mm
Width1110 mm (TS630) 1010 mm (TS530)
Machine weight1020 kg (TS 630) – 970 kg (TS 530)

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