woodworking machinery products

Vertical panel saws from Striebig offering minimal space requirements, universal capabilities and maximum cutting precision.
Wide range of sliding table saws to shape wood, plastic or comparable materials from Panhans and Casolin.
Dressing and joining planing machines and thicknessing machines from Panhans and Casolin.
Spindle Moulders for cutting profiles into wood, plastics or other materials consist of a revolving spindle that can be rotated at various speeds depending on the work.
Band saws are used for the deep cutting of shaped and straight components offering the user minimal wastage due to the narrowness of the blade.
AL-KO extraction systems effectively remove dust, chips and fumes during welding and cutting.
AL-KO welding fume extraction systems eliminate fumes at the workplace ideal for both manual and automatic welding processes.
Dust extraction systems to filter clean air into the workshop.
Industrial vacuum cleaners of the AL-KO JET STREAM series are ideal for vacuuming accumulations of dust and swarf that occur in every production plant.
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