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Panhans is a family-run specialist engineering company globally recognised for its cutting-edge and dependable industrial machinery with over 100 years of experience. Their expertise lies in a variety of machinery utilised for the processing of wood, composites, and plastics. Panhans machines are meticulously crafted in Germany to exceptionally high standards.

They are renowned for their innovation, reliability, superior construction, and long-lasting performance.
Their extensive collection of woodworking machinery consists of various sizes of tilting spindle moulders with multiple modifications, along with surface planers, sliding table panel saws, bandsaws, and drilling machines. With such a wide range of options, you’re guaranteed to discover the perfect machine for your business.

The 680 | 100 and 200 sliding table saw is the absolute best choice of a sliding table saw for small and large carpenters.
Quality and productivity in this model with a wide range of accessories, exceptional ease of movement and maximum service life.
Positive and negative mitres can be performed with the Panhans Table Saw V91 | 10 in the same workpiece position.
A compact and robust high precision machine that is extremely quiet to run and guarantees long lasting reliability.
The massive yet compact Panhans thickness planer.
Panhans offers a unique model that combines two woodworking machines with the space requirement of just one.
A spindle moulder from Panhans has such a well thought-out operating concept for precise work.
With a band saw, sawing can begin immediately after measuring and marking.
The robust design and precisely coordinated functional elements characterise the Panhans band resaws.
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