Panhans Sliding Table Saw 690

panhans sliding table saw

Format and Trimming Panhans Sliding Table Saw

Innovation, quality and productivity are the values that characterise a Panhans sliding table saw. In this saw the aluminum double roller cart principle ensures exceptional ease of movement and maximum service life. In addition the extensive standard equipment enables safe and economical work. In version 690 | 200, this saw is upgraded with different accessories.

APA-Saw blade clamping sysytem

  • On main and scoring saw blade
  • No spindle lock required
  • Very high contact pressure
  • Each blade can be used

Boater shaft bearing

The long, double-ball bearing shaft, dynamically balanced and the massive, double-guided column guide for height adjustment ensure absolute smoothness.

Selectable speed

By changing the belt on the drive unit with a quick release lever, the desired speed can be set quickly.

Machine Information

Like all panel saws from Panhans, the Panhans sliding table saw 690 model also has a dimensionally stable, self-supporting machine body (manufactured as a stable welded frame construction made of strong-walled steel profiles), a finely planed gray cast iron table top, a strong and robust saw unit, dynamically balanced, double-guided swivel segments and a double ball bearing circular saw shaft.

A high level of precision, absolute smooth running and a long service life are therefore guaranteed.

The machine meets all the safety features required by the trade association and is generously equipped even in the standard version and exclusively with high-quality basic and additional components.

Key Features

  • Positioning control for motorised height and swivel adjustment
  • APA-Saw blade clamping sysytem
  • Saw blade adjustment 0-45 °
  • Selectable speeds
  • Protective hood with integrated dust extraction

Technical Information

Saw blade turning+45°
 Saw blade diameter standardmax. 450 mm
 Saw blade diameter optional 1max. 500 mm
 Saw blade diameter optional 2max. 550 mm
 Cutting height standardat 90° max. 145 mm
at +45° max. 105 mm
 Cutting width standard1250 mm
 Cutting width optional1500 mm (el. Verstellung)
 Cutting length optional3200 mm
 Cutting length optional2000 / 2600 / 3800 mm
 Saw blade changeAPA-quick clamping system
 Main saw blade seatø 30 mm
 Motor power standard5,5 kW / 7,5 HP
 Motor power optional7,5 kW / 10 HP
 Revolution speed3000/4000/5000/6000 rpm
 Suction machine body120 mm
 Suction protection cover80 mm
 Weight1050 kg

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