Striebig Edition 60

striebig edition 60

Striebig Edition 60 – Has The Panel Under Control

60 years ago, Striebig AG started the industrial production of their Striebig vertical panel saws. To mark this impressive milestone, they have developed the Striebig Edition 60. It features an integrated panel lowering device that allows for the ergonomic and smooth cutting of panels by one person only. The comprehensive standard equipment and renowned Striebig accuracy guarantees short processing times and a safe, reliable workflow.

Function and Technology Optimally Combined

One-person operation and smooth finished cut thanks to panel lowering device. There is no need to turn the panel and the cut strips can be cut vertically without having to move the rest of the panel.

Strong and Compact Panel Lowering Device (PAV)

The integrated panel lowering device of the Edition 60 comprises two panel lowering units. It can be used for panel materials up to 3000 × 2150 mm and up to 160 kg (80 kg/PA unit). With an additional panel lowering unit (optional), panels up to 5000x2150mm and weight up to 240kg (80kg/PA unit) can be processed.

Clear Push-Button Control

The Edition 60 is operated by means of a clear push-button control. The panel lowering device can be moved quickly and precisely by means of 2-hand control. The LED lights on the panel lowering units guide the operator safely through the sawing process.

Extensive Equipment Package

The comprehensive equipment package on the Edition 60 ensures efficient cutting.

  • Wooden support wall TRK1 with integrated small parts support made of wood
  • Panel lowering device (PAV) with two panel lowering units
  • Pneumatic clamping of the motor carriage
  • Pneumatically braked support rollers
  • Digital measuring system DMS-Y, incl. fine adjustment
  • Digital measuring system DMS-X, incl. fine adjustment
  • Laser-supported display of the horizontal cut

Key Features

  • Strong and compact panel lowering device
  • Fast and precise movement of the the panel lowering units
  • Effortless positioning for horizontal edging cuts
  • No turning of panel required
  • Single-operator control

Technical Information

Weight of the sawca 1.300 kg
Cutting depth80 mm
Saw motor power5,5 kW (7,5 HP)
Saw blade diameter300 mm
Saw blade bore30 mm *1
Emission sound pressure level at the workplace LpA83 dB *2
Saw blade speed4800 U/min 
Panel lowering device (PAV)2 PA units
Max. panel weight per PA unit80 kg
Max. panel thickness in clamping unit60 mm
Feed rate of PAV under load5 m/min
Feed rate of PAV without load10 m/min
1 extraction connectionø 140 mm
Compressed air connection6-10 bar
Wattage8,8 kW
Mains connection3 x 400 V / 50 Hz

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