AL-KO Waste Disposal

waste disposal

Waste Disposal – The Convenient Way

In the case of high-volume material, AL-KO briquette presses are the ideal supplement for pure air dust extractors and stationary extraction systems from AL-KO. The briquette presses are mounted in place of collecting containers under the filter unit. The separated material is compressed, reducing it to a fraction of the original volume instead of simply collecting it. The pressed material is discharged in briquette form for further use.


Instead of a collecting container, briquette presses can also be mounted on pure air dust extractors or stationary extraction systems. They compress the collected swarf and dust, reducing the volume to a fraction. Plus, with no collecting containers needing to be emptied, there is uninterrupted operation of the extraction system.

Briquettes are reusable, depending on the material, for example as fuel and with no loose material in the extraction system, the risk of fire and explosion is reduced.


  • For extraction of wood, plastic, composites, metal and similar materials
  • For large quantities of dust and swarf
  • For use with AL-KO dust extractors (APC) and stationary systems (APV)

Key Features

  • Low energy consumption
  • Space-saving construction
  • High-quality workmanship
  • Long service life
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to operate
  • Excellent value for money

Technical Information

Press typeAPC 30-40APC 30-50APC 50-70APV 60APV 80APV 100APV 120
Motor rating in kW45.
Max. capacity in kg/h40507090100150180
Briquette Ø in mm50507050607080

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