Panhans Surface Planers & Jointers

panhans surface planer

Dressing and Joining Planing Machines

The 334 | 20 (410 mm planing width), 335 | 20 (510 mm planing width) and 336 | 20 (630 mm planing width) planing and joining planing machines are characterised by their extremely quiet running, in addition to their compact and robust steel construction balanced knife shaft. The maintenance-free construction of the bearing with high-performance precision ball bearings guarantees long-lasting reliability.

Panhans Surface Planer

The finely planed gray cast iron tables with a total length of 2,850 mm are mounted vibration-free and ensure a perfect planer image. The controls for the electromotive height adjustment with digital display for the cutting depth adjustment are arranged functionally.

The hollow and pointed joint can be precisely adjusted to the discharge table by means of a handwheel.

The dressing stop made of a thick-walled, anodised double-chamber stop profile can be easily adjusted and is steplessly adjustable up to 45 °. The integrated auxiliary stop can be folded up and down easily and without tools for immediate use.

Service and Maintenance

In addition to the wide range of Panhans planers that we supply, we also have a large team of engineers providing repair and maintenance services for a wide range of our woodworking machinery.

We can source spare parts and provide technical assistance so please contact our service team if you require more information or support.

Some Key Features

  • Hollow and pointed joint adjustment
  • Due to the central operating lever, the dressing stop can be adjusted in depth and in the swiveling range of 90 – 45 °
  • With two-piece cover, infinitely variable in height and depth
  • Panhans wedge blade shaft
  • LED display for chip removal

Technical Information

Planer width410/510/630 mm
 Feed table1620 mm
 Outfeed table1170 mm
 Total length2850 mm
 Motor power main motor5,5 kW / 7,5 HP
 Voltage400 V / 50 Hz
 Suction connecting piece160 mm
 Knife shaft speed5000 rpm
 Dimension2850 x 635/735/855 mm
 Weight870/1050/1400 kg

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