Casolin Spindle Moulder F45

spindle moulders

Compact and Strong

The Casolin spindle moulder F45 EVO with tilting shaft +-45° . This is a compact and very strong machine. Standard spindle moulder fence with manual adjustment of the transverse movement driven and shoulder infeed, tool diameter 250 mm. Centralised lubrification pump spindle moulder unit. Interface with USB memory stick for saving external programs.

Casolin Spindle Moulder

The practical multimedia control to 3-5 controlled axes with large screen 10 “color touch screen and large buttons, allowing a very simple and intuitive use of the many features that are installed.

The main screen thanks to its essential graphics, has been designed to allow the full use of the machine even to less experienced people. All axes can be operated in manual mode, with the 2 buttons at double speed (slow / fast).

The webcam is included for photographing profiles taken and the tool used, so you can get on-screen visual information processing and the tools to use. All the archives of programs and tools (500 each) can be accessed via a thumbnail of the thumbnail photos (pictures stored in memory).

The function “incremental “ lets you view the screen the real coordinates of removing the tool (vertical and horizontal) with respect to the plans of driving. This function is combined with the on-screen display of photography tool used, to give the operator a clear statement of the starting point of the measures of processing.

Service and Maintenance

In addition to the wide range of spindle moulders that we supply, we also have a large team of engineers providing repair and maintenance services for a wide range of our woodworking machinery.

We can source spare parts and provide technical assistance so please contact our service team if you require more information or support.

Key Features

  • Work table height 885 mm
  • Table dimension 1300×920 mm
  • Diameter of shaft 30-35-40-50 mm 1,1/4 inch on request
  • Spindle working height 140-180 mm
  • Interface with USB memory stick
  • 10 “color touch screen

Technical Information

Work table height mm885
Table dimensions mm1300 x 920
Spindle working height mm140 for Ø 30 35 1,1/4
Spindle working height mm180 for Ø 40 and 50
Spindle rotation speed revs/min3000 4500 6000 8000 10000
Standard motor power KW7.5 (HP 10)
Spindle tilting-45,5°… +45.5°
Spindle vertical stroke standard+35 mm -85 mm (HSK +40 mm -80mm)
Spindle rotation speed with inverter revs/min900 – 10000
Max diameter of tools in profiling mm250
Net weight model (F45 EVO – T-TL) kg.1250 approx.

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