Castle Post Form Products, manufacturers of commercial purpose-built joinery, has modernised its sizing equipment with the latest Striebig Control vertical panel saw.

It’s used for sizing plywood, chipboard, MDF, laminated and veneered panels, as well as veneered and laminated doors, which range in thickness from 3 to 45mm.

Set up 25 years ago by partners Chris Jenner and Tony Clarke, the business specialises in commercial joinery products. It designs and produces bespoke cabinets, receptions desks, wall panelling and other items for use chiefly in offices and hotels.

Located in Rye, East Sussex, it carries out work throughout the South East, and particularly in the London area, with the bulk of its business coming from builders and architects.

Its Striebig Control model 5216 can size panels up to a maximum size of 4300mm x 2160mm. with a maximum depth of cut of 80mm. It replaced an elderly German-made model and was supplied with a scoring saw for use on laminated panels.

Impressive Striebig first choice for joinery

Chris Jenner’s son Mark, who looks after estimating at the company, said: “Striebig was recommended to us by a local joinery business we know. I went along to look at it and was impressed with the quality of its build and cut and the fact that they said it was totally reliable.”

His confidence in making the purchase decision was reinforced when he learned that Striebig saws were available through a well-known and long established UK distributor, T.M. Machinery Sales Ltd., of Leicester, who provide an efficient after-sales service.

“I spoke to them on the phone and they sent someone down to talk to us about the type and quantity of materials we needed to cut before suggesting which model would best suit our requirements. As it happened it was the model we had already decided on.”

The Control, with models available in nine different sizes, is a fully-automatic vertical panel saw that works to an accuracy of 1/10 mm and represents the cutting edge in vertical panel saw technology. A digital measuring system is fitted as standard.

Ross Smeed cuts a laminated panel on the Striebig Control at Castle Post Form Products, Rye.
Ross Smeed cuts a laminated panel on the Striebig Control at Castle Post Form Products, Rye.

It delivers a perfectly square cut every time, doing away with the need to manually sand and trim edges after cutting.

The Control’s sophisticated design allows it to be operated via an ergonomic control panel, leaving time for the next batch of work to be prepared. Much of the cutting operation is automated; the saw head is power fed, and the feed speed is controlled to ensure the quality of the cut is maintained.

Numerous automatic procedures carried out by the press of a button include locking and releasing the saw beam, setting the horizontal cutting height, plunging and swivelling the motor, locking the support rollers during sawing and fine saw blade adjustment.

It features the highly efficient TRK dust extraction system that ensures that dust levels are kept well below permitted European limits.

Amongst the wide range of options available to improve its productivity still further is four-sided trimming. This allows the bottom trim cut to be carried out automatically without the panel having to be lifted or turned once it has been placed on the bed.

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