A Striebig Standard TRK2 vertical panel saw bought by Universal Packing Specialists has joined two older models, one of which has been in daily use for the past 16 years. The three saws work around the clock to size sheet materials, including plywood, Tri-Wall high performance corrugated board, foam and polystyrene, used in the production of packing cases.

Universal Packing Specialists is an export packing company based in Feltham, close to Heathrow Airport. Its versatility ranges to packing everything from heavy machinery to fine art and antiques to dangerous goods, and it has built up a reputation as a specialist packer of prestige and vintage cars sent by sea.

Around 75 per cent of its business is with air freight companies in the Heathrow area, and it has an annual turnover approaching £2.5 million.

As well as packing it has developed a profitable case making service, supplying various shipping and packing companies that do not have or do not want their own case making facilities. An overnight making service with next morning delivery guaranteed is provided.

Its first Striebig Standard saw, the original version introduced by Striebig, was bought in 1991 to replace a beam saw and free up production space in the workshop, with an updated Standard II model following in 1997.

Striebig Standard provides production flexibility

The latest TRK2 model, like the Standard II, was bought to meet an increase in the work load and provide added production flexibility. The recently improved Standard is available in two versions. Both are built on proven solutions for panel sizing and guarantee dust limit values well below 1mg/m3. Standard TRK2s come in nine frame sizes for handling panels up to 5300 x 2240mm, with Universal Packing choosing the 5224 version which has a maximum cutting size of 4300 x 2240 x 2100mm.

It features a power supply via a flexible chain duct for increased safety, and a moving support frame fitted with a newly developed and optimised bearing system for smoother movement and further increased reliability.

To improve the saw’s effectiveness still further, options include the incorporation of the new fourth generation Digital Measuring System, support rollers that brake pneumatically, and a wooden small work piece support that extends throughout the full length of the machine.

All models, which can be wall-mounted or freestanding, have a cutting depth of 80mm.

Said Universal Packing’s director Derek Belcher: “When I originally looked at buying a vertical saw, none seemed as robust as the Striebig. The first one we bought has more than proved its worth over the last 16 years by being used virtually 24 hours a day without any major problems.

“As the saws are so crucial to our business I have stayed with Striebig. I suppose I could have gone for a cheaper make but I wanted a totally reliable machine that was trouble free, which they have proved to be.”

He said that standardising on the make of saws used simplifies the spare parts situation, with many of the basic spare parts kept in stock.

The latest model, like the others, was supplied by Striebig’s exclusive UK agent, T.M. Machinery Sales Ltd of Leicester.

Said Mr Belcher: “T.M. have given us a first-class after-sales service over the years. They have a very fast response time if we ever have a problem, with parts usually arriving the next day, and they still keep parts in stock for the original model.”

Matt Pearce, sales co-ordinator at T.M. Machinery Sales, said: “Interestingly, Universal Packing use all three generations of the highly popular Standard range. It’s a great advertisement for the robustness and precision engineering of the saws that the original version is still going strong after all these years.”

For further information contact Matt Pearce, Sales Director on 0116 271 7155 or email sales@tmservices.co.uk

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