AL-KO Power Units 250-350+

Delivering clean air in the workshop

Pure-air industrial dust extraction power units from AL-KO combine high reliability with a compact and space-saving design. They create ideal production conditions with healthy air in the workplace, are unusually quiet and help to achieve significant cost savings. All sizes of unit are designed to offer the optimum combination of maximum extraction power and the lowest possible energy consumption.

The AL-KO power unit range has been fully tested and boasts both the GS and H2 marks. Designed for use in workshops to simultaneously extract the dust from multiple woodworking machines, they also offer excellent performance when used as a decentralized unit to boost an already existing stationary extraction system. Units are delivered ready for connection; all that is required is to insert the swarf bag.

Some key features

  • High extraction performance with efficient filter cleaning
  • Compact design and minimal noise level
  • 100 per cent air recirculation without loss of temperature
  • Integrated pre-separator and extendible control system
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High efficiency

In the pure-air industrial extraction system, the impeller fan is located behind the filter. Extracted air with its dust and chippings is taken through the filter and cleaned before it passes the fan. As the fan only comes into contact with clean air, it can be designed as a high-performance impeller. The fan casing can be provided with very small air slots which, in conjunction with the closed impeller, help the pure-air system to achieve a far higher efficiency than a raw-air system.

Longer filter service life

The tried-and–tested AL-KO OPTI JET high-performance compressed air system used in the Power Unit range guarantees thorough filter cleaning, and consequently increased filter service life. Raw air impacts onto the filter from outside the unit, and there is ‘real’ surface filtration through special treatment of the filter surface.