Striebig 4D

Effortless operation delivers total panel optimisation

The Striebig 4D represents a quantum leap forward in vertical panel saw technology. It can optimise and cut a full-sized panel without the operator needing to re-handle it once it has been loaded on to the machine’s bed, providing effortless, one-person operation. Designed for businesses with high levels of sizing requirements it’s the world’s first vertical saw to offer intelligent cut optimisation, for even the most complicated panel and strip cutting work. This ensures excellent levels of efficiency together with maximum material utilisation.

Striebig 4D Large

Some key features

  • Full optimization ensures efficient material usage
  • Automatic panel handling for ease of use, reduction of operator errors and prevention of damage to panel edges
  • Low space requirements
  • Dust limit values considerably below 1mg/m3
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High-end sawing centre built just for you

Each Striebig 4D is tailor-made for a customer’s individual needs, following in-depth consultation sessions. Thorough customising is the order of the day with the wide variety of options available virtually endless, so as to significantly improve the sizing capabilities in your business. Delivering a cutting range of 5300 x 2100mm, the Striebig 4D comes with the option for cut depths of 80, 105 and 130mm.

Everything’s done automatically

Once the panel is loaded, the 4D’ the 4D is effortless. The operator simply loads the panels, presses the start button, removes the finished work pieces and positions them ready for further processing operations. Data can be entered via the intuitive touch screen or the 4D can be connected to customers’ own optimisation software.