Composite & Plastic Panels

Delivering ideal sizing, routing and grooving solutions

Striebig is the only machine manufacturer in the world to specialise only in the design and manufacture of vertical panel saws, which are the perfect machines for sizing, routing and grooving plastic panels and composites. The COMPACT, STANDARD, EVOLUTION and CONTROL models all come with a range of accessories specially designed to handle today’s modern plastics and composites.

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Some key features

  • Highly accurate grooves using special reversible carbide tipped profile cutters
  • Ensures the aluminium top surface and part of the plastic core remain untouched to allow easy folding by hand
  • Options such as variable speed feed and saw motors give increased flexibility for cutting a wide range of plastic materials
  • Striebig’ s advanced rear supports ensure even thin plastics are well supported during cutting
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Plastics cut with precision

The diversity of commercially available plastic panel materials and panel types requires customised sawing solutions precisely designed to meet the properties of the material. The Striebig range of precision vertical panel saws allows you to cut all types of plastic panels efficiently and accurately. So as to identify the ideal saw and saw blade for your use, we will gladly perform trial cuts to meet your particular plastic material sizing requirements.

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Cut, route and groove composite panels with confidence

Composite panels are widely used in a growing number of areas, from architecture to shop fitting. For their cutting and grooving all leading composite panel manufacturers recommend Striebig vertical panel saws, which are available with special accessories to do the job efficiently. After cutting, composite panels can be grooved with an extremely simple Striebig machining system. This routing system enables shaped pieces of widely varying types and sizes to be produced.

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