Dust Extraction Regulations

Tired of the BS surrounding dust extraction safety measures? The BS EN 16770 regulation outlines safety standards for all internal dust extraction systems. Compliance with this important regulation is paramount, but contrary to traditional belief – not every internal dust extraction unit requires additional safety measures.

You might have heard claims that additional explosion panel relief, like venting to the outside, is a must for any internal dust extraction unit, but let’s debunk that myth right now, by explaining regulation BS EN 16770 further.

The woodworking industry knows the serious risks of fire and explosion associated with wood dust. Classified in dust explosion class ST1, strict standards are essential for everyone’s safety.

If your dust extraction system does not meet BS EN 16770 standards, you may need to install further measures to protect your workshop and employees. Unless, of course, you are an AL-KO customer.


AL-KO Dust Extraction Units

AL-KO dust extraction units eliminate the need for additional measures. With an outer shell pressure resistant to 200mbar m/s as standard, these extraction units ensure full compliance with BS EN 16770.

There’s more, larger models in the Power Unit range feature a cutting-edge thermal sensor, that automatically shuts down the fan, halting all filter cleaning, and triggering the fire extinguishing unit if a fire risk is detected. Additionally, larger units come with a tank filled with water and special anti-freeze fluid by default, further mitigating risks.

And for businesses that need filter cleaning during operation, AL-KO provides an impressive ignition protection system. Complying with strict regulations, these features not only monitor the extraction system continuously but also prevent fire and explosion risks in the workplace without sacrificing performance.


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