“Our brand is synonymous with quality, precision and longevity. For over 55 years we have specialised in the production of vertical panel saws and our in-house development team, which works out of our Swiss head quarters in Lucerne, create built to order machines that can be made to meet your exact specifications.”

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Striebig is an inspirational brand. Known as the Roles Royce of the vertical panel saw world, what can users expect from a Striebig? 

“One member of our team works meticulously on just one machine at at time, ensuring every part of the manufacturing process can be tracked, checked and cross-checked. Raw materials are quality checked before use and each part of the machine is rigorously tested before being moved to the next production stage.”

“Furthermore, because we only manufacture vertical panel saws, we have honed our skills, resources and research into the design and production of these machines. We are very confident in our knowledge and understanding of our machines, our customers and the marketplace. It also allows us to focus our product development and push the boundaries in our field. This is a big advantage to us.”

Is innovation key to Striebig’s success?

“Innovation is paramount to our success. We pride ourselves on offering the best efficiencies and we continue to invest heavily in technology. From Striebig’s first wooden framed vertical panel saw that was launched in the 1960’s to our most advanced automatic 4D with optimisation software and intelligent technology, we are committed to creating a range of cutting-edge saws that reflect the most recent trends. Swiss made, we are very proud of our manual and automatic machines portfolio and our continual advancements in our field that help us to grow our worldwide share.”

How does the long standing history of the company reflect on today’s machinery portfolio? 

 “Founded in 1958, Striebig’s heritage plays a big part in how the company is run and the machines that are produced. Our founder, Mr Striebig, wanted to build vertical panel saws that would benefit his customers – whatever their size – and help them to grow. This is still our mission. We work closely with our customers to create vertical panel saws that have the ability to improve accuracy, quality and performance and help our customers succeed.”

How important is the UK market to Striebig?

“The UK market has always been a buoyant marketplace for us. It’s important for our customers further afield to see our commitment to other markets and for us, having UK manufacturers use our vertical panel saws signals the high standards and quality we pride ourselves on.

“We’ve been distributing our saws in the UK through TM Machinery for over 30 years and we’re proud to have such a dedicated sales force behind us. The partnership has been so successful because TM Machinery has a mutual passion and understanding for the Striebig range. They know each machine inside out and their reputation in the marketplace is second to none. For us, this shows strength and commitment, which is exactly why we want to continue to focus on the UK market.”

Why did you choose Ligna to exhibit the new Standard S vertical panel saw?

“Ligna is a great platform to showcase our latest innovations to the world. We started working on the new machine several months prior to the show and its launch gave us a great opportunity to demonstrate the machine’s new features to our worldwide dealers and customers. It was also a great talking point with new customers and gave us an opportunity to demonstrate the 1/10mm accuracy the machine offers with every cut.”

What feedback did you get from the show?

“The new concept took into account a number of ideas dealers and customers had come to us with. We listened to our customers and in return, our development team created the Standard S vertical panel saw. Because of this, feedback at the show was positive, with people seeing how the new features – including an optional digital measuring system, VSA scoring unit and brake pedals – could improve the efficiency of the machine and positively impact their business.

“We began building the new machine in our Swiss factory during the summer and September saw the delivery of our first Standard S. Production will be increasing in the coming months, with more orders confirmed for Germany, France and Italy.”

What were the reasons behind the launch of the new Standard S in May?

“Our competitors never stand still, so we need to be continually moving forward. We push ourselves to be the best in the world and thanks to our good resources, knowledge of our machines and a solid understanding of our marketplace, this is possible. The Standard S was the next logical step in our development and has been designed to improve efficiency and increase productivity and sustainability – all areas our customers have stressed to us. We’re continually working on modifications and further developments, even so soon after Ligna. This drive and determination will see us continue to be a long-standing fixture in the vertical panel saw market and continue to launch new innovations for years to come.”

What USP’s does the Standard S have? 

“The Standard S has been designed using the same principle as its predecessor, the Standard, but with its new Comfort Package, the saw can feature automatic brake rollers and a scoring unit. It also includes an optional digital measuring system for the X and Y axis.

“Unique to other manual machines, the scoring unit was brought to our attention by customers and dealers during the design process because of its ability to save time and money. It was clear very early on that this needed to be included on the new machine. A number of other additional options and accessories can also be included, offering users unparalleled flexibility during the build process.”

How does the new Striebig Standard S compare to other vertical panel saws on the market? 

“You can’t compare the Striebig Standard S. In general, all vertical panel saws do the same thing but the way we’ve created this machine is very different to other manufacturers. We’ve listened to our customers and the industry and designed a machine that reflect their ideas. This is what sets the Standard S apart from the rest. We will continue on this path to create machines that are needed in the industry and respond to the growing demands of the market.”

To view the full article from the November edition of Furniture Journal click here.

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