Centralised Dust Extraction System

Calling all smaller workshops. If you’re looking for a centralised dust extraction system that offers high vacuum dust extraction on up to 12 handheld machines, the AL-KO Clean Vac needs your attention.

Launched at LIGNA 2023 and available exclusively in the UK from TM Machinery, the new AL-KO Clean Vac has been designed with the smaller workshop in mind. Available with a 8.5kw or 12.5kw motor and featuring effective pressurised filter cleaning, the system offers much needed flexibility and performance combined.

Connected to a centralised ducting system, the new dust extraction system can be connected to up to 12 handheld machines thanks to its high suction power of up to 25,000 Pa. This not only eradicates the need for individual vacuum cleaners to be connected to each handheld machine but also reduces ongoing maintenance and repair costs on multiple machines and ensures clean air in the workplace. It’s adaptable design also means it can work effectively with smaller woodworking machines like spindle moulders and compact edgebanders, too.

Operation and Maintenance

al-ko-clean-vacIt’s operation and maintenance couldn’t be simpler either. Controlled by a simple wall-mounted control panel, the workings of the unit are controlled automatically. The operator simply needs to empty a singular dust collection bin attached to the unit. As an optional extra, it even reminds you if it hasn’t been emptied and shuts down completely if it reaches its maximum capacity to avoid any damage to the system.

Short on space? The AL-KO Clean Vac has that covered too. Measuring 1,956 x1,038 x 2,430mm, it is designed to be installed inside or out, it has the ability to free up floorspace where you need it the most.

Matthias Schalast, Area Sales Manager for AL-KO Extraction Technology says: “Smaller manufacturing companies often find themselves having to balance performance and space but with the new AL-KO Clean Vac, you no longer need to. Specifically designed for the extraction of handheld machines – which require a significantly higher vacuum than standard woodworking machines – users can incorporate a highly efficient dust extraction system into their workshop that requires very little space and ensures a healthy workplace environment. The high vacuum of 25,000 Pa (250mbar) is achieved by an integrated side channel compressor. This allows for up to 12 handheld machines to be extracted simultaneously. This makes it a fantastic option for joinery workshops, woodworking classrooms in schools and colleges and larger outfits that require multiple handheld machines to be running alongside its woodworking machinery.”

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