Manual and automatic vertical panel saws have their respective merits. The choice of which is right for you depends on the type of work you have to carry out.

Manual Vertical Panel Saws

There are four distinct advantages of using a manual machine compared to an automatic panel sawing model.

1. Cheaper to buy,
2. Simpler to use,
3. Easier to maintain,
4. Quicker when sizing small items.

Manual vertical panel saws from different manufacturers vary in their ease of use, both in terms of the machine’s ergonomics and in the effort required by the operator. A badly designed, heavy-to-use saw loses will be tiring to operate and more likely to become damaged.

A good manual saw will be quick to set up, to cope with short production runs, and robust enough to cope with periods of heavy use. Manually operated vertical panel saws from Striebig, the global market leader, are unrivalled in the quality of their design and manufacture. These robust machines are superbly engineered and extremely easy and light to use despite their heavy duty construction.

Automatic Vertical Panel Sawing

There are several advantages to using automatic vertical panel saws in the appropriate working environment.A choice of feed speeds, allows the optimum speed for the specific item and type of sheet material to be selected. A constant feed speed enhances the cut quality, by eliminating jerky movements.

Less manual input required from the machine’s operator, and less chance of careless use damaging the machine. An automatic saw frees up the operator to unload the machine and prepare for the next cut as the saw head returns, boosting productivity. An automatic vertical panel saw is ideal for higher production applications and not as expensive as a quality beam saw.

As with Manual machines there is a wide choice of manufacturers and ease of use is just as important:Complex or confusing controls and poor engineering is likely to be a burden rather than an advantage. A good saw with all the right features is simple and easy to use. Striebig is well known for its two popular automatic models, the Striebig Compact AV and the Striebig Control, which are designed and built to the same high quality as its manual machines.

Both are very easy to use,with conveniently grouped simple controls. An advanced PLC system passes error and fault finding messages to the operator, avoiding incorrect use. This advanced design allows Striebig to offer the increased efficiency without any compromise to reliability.

To sum up, both manual and automatic vertical panel saws offer different advantages and choosing between them is all about the type and level of work they will have to do.

At T.M. Machinery; Vertical Panel Saws we meet all the needs of our customers by offering the complete Striebig range, which includes both manual and automatic machines. The choice is yours.

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