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Striebig vertical panel saw beginnings

With more than 55 years of history behind it, Striebig is one of the best known vertical panel saw producers in the world. From the earliest beginnings of the Striebig company (when Ludwig Striebig built his first vertical panel saw in his joinery workshop in Lucerne back in 1958) to 2017, when his company achieved a worldwide share of around 70% of the vertical panel saw market, the Striebig name has been synonymous with accuracy, quality and longevity. Those core values remain very much a part of Striebig today.

To Striebig, precision is everything. The company’s first vertical panel saw, which was based on a wooden frame concept, made its debut in 1960 and the accuracy and convenience of its design soon made it a sought after piece of equipment among the German woodworking fraternity. By the 1970s, with its reputation established, Striebig’s space-saving vertical panel saws were selling worldwide.

Success of vertical panel saw development

So what’s the secret to Striebig’s universal success? “We’ve set ourselves apart from the competition by focussing our attention on one area of manufacturing,” explains Sepp Furrer, Striebig’s International Sales Manager. “We have honed our skills, resources and research into the development of vertical panel saws and in the process, have pushed the boundaries of design to create the Rolls Royce of vertical panel saws. From the initial concept and manufacturing process, to scrupulously testing our machines’ capabilities, we have the ability to bring our designs to life, right here in our Lucerne factory.”

The Striebig factory has been at the heart of the Lucerne community since it began, with many of its staff members working their way through the ranks and learning the business from the ground up. “Like the machines we build, Striebig’s staff members pride themselves on longevity and remain with the company throughout their careers,” says Sepp. But in a competitive industry, how do you attract and retain such dedicated workers? “The company ethos is surprisingly simple,” he says. “We strive to be the best and even now, as market leaders in our field, we must continue to push forward in order to stay the best vertical panel saw producer in the world. To do this, we need a committed workforce. Our employees are all shareholders in Striebig. Regardless of the position they hold in the company, they all have a vested interest in the business and it pays for them to work hard. The results speak for themselves and our dedication in this field has made us who we are today.”

The Striebig range

Striebig’s range includes five models – the Compact, Standard, Evolution, Control and the Striebig 4D – and features include a wealth of automated functions from optimisation software to intelligent technology for simple and effective use. But it’s the fundamental design features that have always been behind Striebig’s success. “A strong framework defines build quality,” explains Sepp. “We have a whole floor in our manufacturing facility dedicated to the framework of our saws. To guarantee 1/10mm accuracy with every cut, we must ensure absolute parallelism between the upper guide rail, the central support and the roller support. Only by creating and assembling these parts by hand can we guarantee the correct care and precision has been taken to ensure the perfect result.”

Perhaps unusual among manufacturers these days, Striebig ensures pride – and accountability – by making the building of each machine the responsibility of just one specialist: “One person on the factory floor works on one machine and one machine only,” explains Sepp. “That way, every part of the manufacturing process can be tracked, checked and cross-checked. Raw materials are quality checked before use and each part of the machine is rigorously tested before being moved to the next production stage.”

Striebig’s customised focus

Around 18 machines leave the Striebig factory every week and many are individually tailored. “Timber panel producers are using panels up to three meters high but some customers, especially in the plastics industry, are asking for vertical panel saws that are suitable for larger or specific panel sizes. As we design and build each machine by hand in our factory, we can supply customised machines on a quick turn around and can fulfil our customers wishes effectively.”

Striebig’s robust commitment to ensuring high quality standards are maintained at every stage of the production process is a major contributing factor to the longevity of Striebig saws. “They simply last forever,” says Sepp. “Over 90 % of all our vertical panel saws made since 1968 are still in operation. Because of this, we have to hold spare parts for machines that are over 45 years old. The only reason people update their machines is to embrace the new technology we offer, which has been proven to improve efficiency, increase productivity and sustainability.

“We’ve invested heavily in technology and we want our customers to use it to their advantage. Swiss made, our machines are manufactured to stand the test of time but in the last 10 years, the industry has become increasingly automated. The next logical step was for us to create a fully automatic vertical panel saw, which was launched in 2014.”

TM Services and SparesStriebig 4D vertical panel saw

The Striebig 4D is Striebig’s flagship model and includes a fully equipped panel optimisation programme that allows you to cut multiple panels to size with minimal waste. It also includes a fully automatic panel lowering device and a panel feeder to ensure the vertical and horizontal transport of the workpiece through the saw, while still guaranteeing a precision cut of 1/10mm.

“The woodworking market is still hesitant about the use of fully-automated machines. That’s why our Standard and Compact models remain our best sellers in the sector. But, as the industry adapts and evolves, I’m confident the trend for technology will drive our sales forward.”

New vertical panel saw models on display at Ligna

While the machine line-up is not set to change just yet, the Swiss vertical panel saw producer will be presenting new concepts alongside its five models and tool offering at Ligna this May. Sepp adds, “The market is a catalyst for new product development and exhibitions like Ligna help us to interact with our customers. We listen to our customers and in turn, we offer them the tools to drive business and go forward. We may be a long-standing fixture in the vertical panel saw market, but when it comes down to it, this is just the beginning for Striebig.”

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