It was a little over a year ago that Swiss vertical panel saw manufacturer, Striebig, launched its first retro-fittable panel optimisation programme and label printer, OptiDivide.  It was the company’s first intelligent software and hardware package designed for use on a wide range of models, regardless of their age.

It was a move that was welcomed by existing Striebig users.

New Striebig software increases productivity

The ongoing success of the OptiDivide – and the growing need for smart manufacturing solutions that lessen waste and maintain a consistent and accurate flow of data from preparation through to sawing – has led to two new optimisation software solutions being launched at this year’s Ligna: BaseCut CON and ExpertCut CON. Available exclusively in the UK through working machinery distributor, TM Machinery, both programs have initially been designed to work with the newly upgraded Striebig Control, which comes ready equipped with an EPS.x electronic positioning system and ASP automatic saw beam positioning. The new software is not retrofittable, but Striebig is continuing its work to further enhance its software offering.

So, how do these new software options work and how do they benefit the user?

Striebig BaseCut CON

Both solutions offer different levels of optimisation. The Striebig BaseCut CON allows you to create simple item lists and optimise cuts automatically by programming each job directly onto the saw’s 12-inch touchscreen display panel. The user is then guided through the cutting process with the help of simple, colour-coded, on-screen prompts, making it easy for the operator to position the saw unit and the longitudinal stop before pressing the ‘start’ button. The saw is then fully-loaded with all the information it needs to continue working though the cutting list until the job has been completed. The software also cleverly ensures that labels are printed automatically after each sheet is cut-to-size so they are easily identifiable.

Striebig ExpertCut CON

The ExpertCut CON, which can either be requested at the time of ordering or added to existing BaseCut CON software, takes automation to the next level, fitting nicely into the industry’s ‘Vertical 4.0’ trend. Unlike BaseCut CON, the software is installed directly on the user’s workstation remotely, allowing records for cutting optimisation to be imported from standard ERP, CAD systems or CSV-format Excel files before the saw gets to work. With this program, the user can also process and manage orders, materials and part lists using the same software and transfer fully optimised cutting plans directly to the saw through the network connection (LAN and WLAN) saving time, limiting material wastage and reducing the level of skill required by the operator. Both options can be used with or without the saw’s 4SB automatic trimming option and if required, a customer-specific interface for importing data and label layout can be created. Further support, training and installation of the software is also available.

Latest Striebig technology a huge step forward

Sepp Furrer, International Sales Manager at Striebig adds, “We have been specialising in the design and manufacturing of Striebig vertical panel saws for over 60 years. The way the industry works has changed massively in this time, giving us the opportunity to use our knowledge, experience and invaluable skill set to continue pushing the boundaries of our saws and the technology we create. This is clear from our latest cut optimisation software. It has been designed to aid our users and better their productivity.

“We don’t sell our machines on price. Our customers know that we offer the best vertical panel saws, which come at a premium price, but they also know they get great value for money. This latest technological advancement is a huge step forward for the industry and for Striebig as we continue to develop new and innovative ways to combine the trend for optimisation and industry 4.0.”

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